Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is the most shining and top fashion designers of India. As you that India is a land of flavors and diversities, the people of this country are also committed towards their work and show the varied styles and flavors. Various celebrities and even the common man here are seen filled with different colors and styles. The fashion of India has also changed itself drastically.

Due to all this and much more India is getting tremendous positive feedbacks from all over the world. And the credit for the uniqueness and innovative feel in fashion industry goes to top fashion designers of India.
 ritu kumar Ritu Kumar – Top Fashion Designer of India

Ritu Kumar is known for the very innovative and stylish designs that she gives in her dresses. She is rather known as the lady and fashion designer who actually dress the Indian beauties. She is the lady that makes beautiful women even more beautiful. She has opened up her boutiques in the leading metros of India. Here you can pick up the designer clothes that are designed by Ritu Kumar. She depicts the style and culture of India on her designs. Most of her designs sell under the label of Ritu Kumar. Ritu Kumar is also known for her book that she had written and is named as “Customs and Textiles of Royal India.”

Ritu Kumar designs the clothes that offer comfort feel as well as style to the wearer. The designer clothes are more than just casuals and are mainly aimed for the youngsters. She knows the art of dressing up the Indian ladies that are hot and have perfect figures. Indian women today with good figures and physique need the dresses that can make them look even more beautiful. And there is no one more talented than Ritu Kumar to offer them the best.


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