Pret A Porter by Saadia Mirza Virtues | Velocity Pret Line Winter-Eid Dresses By Saadia Mirza Virtues | Velocity Woma's wear Winte/Fall Collection 2011-2012

 Velocity Ready to wear Winter-Eid Dresses By Saadia Mirza Virtues | Velocity Woma's wear Winte/Fall Collection 2011-2012
Saadia Mirza VIRTUES, the label, is boldly quixotic. Unique in its creations, the outfits are like costumes, defining individual women with a raw power and fascination, which is in all essence characteristic of true femininity.
VELOCITY – This award winning PrĂȘt a Porter Line is renowned for introduced two seasonal collections each year thereby making the line both accessible and dynamic.
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VANITY – A vibrant bridal line, VANITY is by far the most indulgent, with embroidery done with real gold thread and embellishments in swarovski crystals, real stones, pearls, Indian polki and diamonds. The fabrics are lush and rich, and with the ornate craftsmanship on it, the regal outfit is set to be special and different.
VINTAGE – Deeply reminiscent of times past, VINTAGE, defines the era of subtle glamour and classic silhouettes. Playing with delicate colors and embellishments, this eastern wear lines draws from an ethereal femininity that exudes elegance. VINTAGE is for those who appreciate a finer view of life and choose grace and poise rather than the loud and flamboyant.
VISION – The western end of the label, VISION offers a complete range of classy outfits with a very fine quality finish that sets it apart from most of the western apparel being made in Pakistan. Extremely contemporary, Saadia chooses not to replicate old and conventional designs that so many of the design houses are producing. Instead she opts to design from scratch, leaning on her personal imagination, which lends individuality and creativity to the creations.
VOYAGE – Aptly named, VOYAGE offers a journey through experimentation and a modern adventure of combining the two separate worlds of east and west. Selecting different features and characteristics of various cultures, it mingles them to form an exquisite cocktail of colors, motifs and cuts. VOYAGE offers a respite to all those women who are dreamers, idealists and romantics, daring to be different by wanting to express themselves.
VISAGE – This line flaunts stunning handmade accessories that are unique in design and quality. The VISAGE bags, scarves and jewelry add a finishing touch to any ensemble, providing an essential edge of glamour.
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