Gaming Glory- the fun wedding present!!!

Guess what boys?!?!?! Girls LOVE games too.... just give us a chance!
And when better once we are married???

Women with Computer Games!
Image thanks to Baz Kanda from 5 Rivers Studio

(Has Baz Kanda just made many of you boy's dreams come true??? If so, check out his wedding photography!!! Great work!)

Ever thought of games consoles being a great wedding gift? Great bonding sessions with the Mr or Mrs, and this way you cannot give us a chance to complain that you love your FIFA 12 more than your wife!

Family usually stick to money as gifts, but if friends ask, why not just say, wii or a PS3, isnt it better to have something you will use and love than have 5 toasters to stock up in the loft???

Give it a go!

Try and lose a game or two... we dont always want to lose!

If you cant beat them, join them, just give it a go, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Get something they will both enjoy, only women will love a new vase, 
Nintendo Wii's are used by all ages and generations!

The Real Edit after the PS3 break! Great work Baz!!!
Image thanks to Baz Kanda from 5 Rivers Studio

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Great work Baz!!!
And "Thank you" on behalf of the men that have just fainted over these gorgeous images!

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