Yahsir Waheed YWL 2012 | Yasir Waheed Lawn 2012

Yahsir Waheed is a fixture in the fashion world and one of the younger founders of what may justly be termed today the Pakistani fashion industry.Brimful Designs, working under the creative leadership of Yahsir Waheed, is a multi-faceted design studio based in Lahore, Pakistan that delves into commercial applications related to textile design aesthetics.Along with designing the Yahsir Waheed Lawn Collection, he also teaches at the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD). He has been part of the school since its foundation (1994) as a member of the fashion design faculty for 10 years, and more recently as dean.

Yahsir launched his lawn business, called Brimful Designs, in 1998, with a business partner. “I always had this ambition to have a line of printed fabrics,” he says. “We are one of the first independent private designer labels in lawn prints... Looking back, it gives me great pleasure to see that we were able to establish our brand in such a short time.”

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