Strapless Saree Blouse Designs

Blouse is a important part of women saree. With popularity of saree now different designs of blouse are available like backless, strapless, cross straps, necklace, long, short etc. In there styles strapless blouse that is means no-sleeved blouse are looking very hot and modern. In case of strapless blouse saree designs no straps around the neck and shoulder as shown in pictures, blouse just around the women breast, same just like strapless bra. Color of blouse must be same color as the sari and same fabric as the saree. First, select sari blouse design then you can take the next step is to complete saree. There are plenty of color blouse design .A my personal favorite is the white curtain blouse.
It’s a pretty blouse with a sheer chiffon blouse simple sari to compensate the design must be used properly. Indian women in saree with strapless blouse looking so hot and attractive. Some ladies have think that strapless blouse is not good comfortable without straps because of loss grip. Its wrong think strapless blouse for women is so comfortable because if straps are loss or tide women remain uncomfortable every time. In case of strapless blouse you are free form straps easy to move and flexible. Most Indian and Pakistani women preferred strapless blouse for sari. Woman who likes to wear saree blouse sure how you can define the look that’s why women are very careful to choose the fabric and the pattern of their blouses. Today, the sari blouse patterns are specially designed for every woman, keeping their body statistics into account the sari blouse patterns. Strapless blouse enhance the beauty of the girl. Size of choli or blouse must be according to body shape and breast size .when you wear strapless blouse with saree you must wear strapless bra not to other bra because if bra is not strapless then its look so cheap when bra straps are show openly over blouse. So keep in mind when strapless blouse use then also use just strapless bra otherwise no need to wear bra if you have not strapless bra. 

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