10 Most Famous Designers

Everyone wants to be different and exclusive, that's why people often look for and buys designer clothes. However, there are thousands of famous designers' brands and fashionable clothes. 

Here at jurgita.com, we have chosen the 10 best world known designers and want to introduce them to you.
Armani - the master of elegance. One of best Giorgio Armani phrases to describe his point of view: "when I think about elegance, I think of how one achieves it only by silencing loud trends." Goods under his brand are not changing drastically every season - the same elegant and tailored style flows from line to line, taking the best current cultural news. Clothing fashion always leaves a lot of space for interpretation of the man who wears it. Style is not created by Armani; style is your own luxury created by using Armani.
Versace - the master of luxury. As all other most famous designer brands, Versace has a few design lines and some of them are orientated at casual men and women apparel, but he is much more known as a creator of marvelous and eye-catching luxury jewelry, apparel and accessories designs. Many most famous world actors, music stars and other celebrities wear Versace, because of the style that makes a person the center of attention, who always looks exceptionally great, fashionable, stylish, sexy and classy.
Calvin Klein - the master of urban and sophisticated style. One of the main ideas of this designer - less looks more. He always stays with the same vision: "I've always had a clear design philosophy and point of view about being modern, sophisticated, sexy, clean and minimal." Calvin Klein is one of the best known designer brands of the world and all this was reached because of his unique style orientated at practical design clothes without exaggerating jewelry and other accessories. He was the first designer who created unisex fragrance "CK One" and the first line of designer jeans is also under the label of Calvin Klein.
Prada - the master of minimalism. If you want to look classic, fashionable and stylish at the same time without gaining the attention of everyone around - choose Prada. This brand gives you the fine taste lines which are acceptable for a very broad range of people, not depending on their age or position in society. Prada always looks good because of its minimalistic designs, few contrasting colors, simple patterns and innovative fabrics.
Victoria's secret - the master of lingerie and underwear designing. For a long time Victoria's secret was orientated only at sexy underwear, bikinis, swimsuits, sleepwear, loungewear and similar intimate apparel for females, now it is going to expand and produce underwear for male audience as well. This brand is best known for high quality romantic, sexy, sensual, sophisticated, glamorous and sometimes even provocative collections. All runway shows of Victoria's secret get very much attention worldwide, and always include a performance with wings of angel, butterfly or even devil - that's the trademark.
Gianfranco Ferre-the master of simple lines and practical apparel. All of his designs are informally elegant and in that way exceptional from the usual fashion. He is against all fashion trends and stylistic gimmicks. His designs usually are the synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures, with the main point being balanced forms, easy to wear, careful and relaxed designs which are acceptable for a very broad age audience.
Missoni - the master of geometrics, stripes, colorful patterns and wide range of fabrics. The numbers are incredible - there are at least forty colors and twenty different materials used in designing. All these exceptional features of Missoni fashion are often supplemented with Lurex and metallic elements which gives us a feeling of elegance and timeless chic.
Chanel - the master of prestige. Chanel is a brand that represents finest quality luxury goods which are usually very rare and reflect a very high class. Details and feminine accessories take a very important place in Chanel designs so the style becomes audacious, passionate, visionary and unique. Everything under Chanel labels must be perfect and classy.
Dolce & Gabbana - the master of fresh and funky designs. This brand is known for innovative ideas that make their designs look very modern and youthful. They use a wide palette of colors, materials and patterns that make goods suitable for urban and fast lifestyle people. The designs usually reveal all the advantages of women/men bodies so they look sexy and allure.
Gucci - the master of splendid leather goods. Gucci is known for its luxury-good designs and is one of the best known names in prestigious designer tops. Though there are lines of clothing, sunglasses and all other accessories, best of the best from Gucci are leather goods - handbags and purses - which always have interesting details and unique taste.

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