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Abaya is a type of garment which worn by Muslim Women in different part of the world.In early fashion traditional Abaya's are black and consists on large fabrics piece draped from shoulder to head.Abaya main purpose to cover whole body  except the face feet and hand.To cover face women wears Naqab band now a days Hijab or scarves are famous to cover the this era girls wear black gloves with abaya to cover hands.Abaya's are known by different names like Caftans,Burqa,Jilbab etc but the purpose is same which is cover.Abaya's usually made from light flowy fabrics like Chiffon,Georgette Silk and Crape  etc .Now a days Abaya's available in various style like Butterfly Abaya,Front Open,Funky Abaya,Ornament embellished Abaya,Front Closed Abaya and coat style abaya etc.Style differ from Region and embellished by various stuff like embroidery by hand and machine,Stone,Motifs ,Tussles,Stone Ornamented Buckle and frill work is very common .
Colorful Abaya Style
Fancy Abaya Style
Arabic Abaya Look
Latest Abaya Designs
Simple Abaya Style
Embroidered Abaya Style
 Al Karam Group Working Since 1927,Its clothing range includes comfortable and colorful long shirts, Abaya, free flowing skirts, long flowing head scarves, airy light modest sportswear, and distinguished rich formal ware.This Collection is taken from Al karam Islamic fashion crafted materials.Al Karam is a Remarkable place and believe in long lasting quality combined with modern designs.Al Karam Qadri Fashion known for excellence and diversity in the design of luxurious Abayas and elegant Galabeyas. it insure to add a touch of elegance and creativity to all our clothing that will hopefully satisfy all tastes. Source

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