The Very First Beauty Contest in the USSR

The Very First Beauty Contest In the USSR

In the times of Mikhail Gorbachev many things started to change in the country. That period might be called a period of imitation. It came to show business too. The first beauty contest in the USSR became a sensation. Abroad the event called “Moscow beauty” was even called as loud as the flight of Gagarin into space.


In spring 1988 they chose the first miss USSR.
Perestroika let any woman of the country who considered herself to be beautiful come and show herself. The casting took place in Gorky Park, the line was about two km long! Many women were accompanied by children and husbands, many of them were holding string bags. Those girls who were patient enough to stand in the line for some hours filled in forms.
1989, January, the Crimea. They are preparing for the third round of the contest. It was the second year since they had started to hold beauty contests.
1988. The beauty contest has started.
The girls didn’t fully understand what they had to do. But they were so proud to be there.
1988 – it’s the first round of the contest “Moscow Region Beauty” in Moscow.
1988. It’s the second round of the first contest “Miss USSR”. Participants are ready for the “battle”.
1989. The Crimea. The girls are getting ready for the third round of the beauty contest “Moscow Region Beauty 89″.
The girls were taught to walk.
Victoria is not sure what else she can change in her figure.
1989, the third round. Girls come out in national costumes.
1989. The third round of the contest “Moscow Region Beauty 89″, now they will decide who is going to stay and who has to leave.
1989. So different girls all have number four.
The winner’s name was Maria Kalinina.
This is Maria herself.
Her photos spread all over the entire planet, she was welcomed by presidents and ministers, she was proposed by guys from all over the world. Later she moved to America and entered the acting school of Hollywood. She didn’t act much so her acting career was not very successful. Today she is called Maria Kalin and she lives in Los Angeles, teaches kundalini yoga in her own studio.

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