Desi Bride: Backstage at Ritu Kumar's "Panchvastra" Show

So I didn't get to see the black and nude anarkali like I wanted to but, I stumbled upon this awesome blog called the Style Struck Diaries. I love the content and the fashion is crazy! Tips, latest trends and style ideas straight from Nikita who is a fashion stylist in Delhi!  Her latest post was my dream job! She had the privilege to assist in styling a Ritu Kumar show! The pictures were just beautiful and I just couldn't imagine how amazing the designs looked on the ramp, under all those bright lights. Check out more pictures at Style Struck Diaries!

Ritu Kumar took inspiration from the five pivotal women from the epic tale of Mahabaraat: Ganga, Draupadi, Kunti, Amba and Gandhari. She wanted to depict the tale through fabrics and theatre. Each woman was represented in a different way.For Ganga, garlands of flowers as jewelery and was dressed in white and blush pinks; Draupadi was styled in black and red with a huge bindi (which I love!); Kunti was dressed in heavily embellished lenghas, a head piece and hair was pulled into a tight bun; Amba wore bright colours but was draped with chunni to represent being "exhiled" and for Gandhari the chosen colours were black and red and the models wore a sheer blindfold over their eyes. According to Maharbaraat, Gandhari's husband was born blind therefore she voluntarily blindfolded herself as well. I'm not very familiar with the entire story of Mahabaraat but when I think of it, I think about the epic fights and the kings. I don't think about the women who were essential in this piece of history. This was a beautiful way to pay tribute to them.

The invitation
The detailing is just breathaking

Kolapuri's that were custom made  for Ganga. I love the seashells! Perfect for a beach wedding? I think so!






Ghandhari. The black and gold sari is gorgeous! I love the velvet detailing on the sleeves.

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