Yesterday, my friend told me that she had always hated my central parting. Maybe it's ridiculous but I lost some part of my confidence. I don't know if a better friend is the one that tells you the truth even if it makes you feel bad or the one that tells you that you look good to make you feel attractive :) So we were debating a bit, of course about the parting, not friendship. I would like you to vote in my polls: one about partings and the second about friendship...

My Elves with different partings:
                      A central parting of Miranda Kerr:

photo: Cosmopolitan January 2011
                                      Miranda with a parting on the left side of her head:
photo: InStyle Australia August 2011

                               Adriana Lima and her central parting:
photo: Victoria's Secret 

                         Ade with a side parting:
Victoria's Secret Adriana Lima Hair
photo: Victoria's Secret

                                      Sara Carbonero with a parting in the centre:
photo: Pantene ad

                        Sara Carbonero's side parting, still close to the centre:
photo: Lecturas magazine, November 2010

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