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Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Special Treat Party Outfits By Ayesha-Somaya

 Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan took their friendship to the next level when they founded their brand “Ayesha-Somaya” in 2008. Their signature has since evolved as a combination of detail, luxury and tailoring. They strongly believe that when it comes to fashion, it’s not just about smart clothing but it’s all about grooming your personality as a whole. Ayesha and Somaya both coming from a textile oriented background, Somaya creates couture as Ayesha joins in for cocktail, luxury pret and smart casuals. Ayesha – Somaya’s work is constantly evolving within an aesthetic which is sophisticated both in the eastern and western sense. The Brand Ayesha – Somaya has been exhibiting in Karachi, Lahore and Dubai. Their clientele includes celebrities and style conscious people across Pakistan, U.A.E and USA.source

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