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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bridal Makeup | Summer Makeup 2011 | Soft Look Makeup | Eye Makeup | Party Makeup

Summer is the time for sun, sand, surf, and relaxation. It is also the time, unfortunately for makeup meltdown.With the warmer weather here to stay for the next few months, it’s time to swap out the usual makeup routine for something a little lighter. Generally, during the summer months we eat lighter, are more active, and drink more water. All of these factors make for glowing skin from the inside out!There’s no need to spend any more than five minutes in front of the mirror to head out on a gorgeous summer day. Here is your five minute summer makeup guide to highlight your fresh and dewy summer skin.
summer makeup tips: * Highlight your radiant skin by brushing on a light shimmering powder instead of a heavy foundation for early style tips. You do not come into view as you melt under the hot Sun
* Use a matte finish on my face and then a shimmer powder on your eyelids, over your cheekbones, and your shoulders and collarbone this is the best ever pre-style tip.
* A warm look at a bronze face is shiny lip gloss for a record summer makeup tips. Plus, it still said – a big plus for die-hard lip gloss wearers!
* For another pre-makeup tip you need a light shining in beige eye shadow under your brows just trying to draw attention to your eyes in the steamy hot weather.
* If you wear mascara, try a waterproof. This way you can avoid “Raccoon Eyes”if you are covered with sweat or near water. Do not forget the must-partner, eye makeup remover, or else you really will end up with the frightening dark circles
I think all of you must have proper knowledge about use of makeup in summer season. Skin damaged once is very hard to cure to get skin like before therefore follow the tips given below:
1). Don’t use lip liners in summer season.
2). To have fresh look in summer season, use light colors for makeup.
3). Use oil free moisturizer and very less foundation.
4). Wash your face with cold water before applying makeup or massage your face with ice.
5). Use branded products specially made for summer season.
6). Use light color lip gloss for lips makeup. Use loose powder with foundation to avoid oily skin in summer gatherings.

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