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Thursday, 16 February 2012

ETRO Spring Summer 2012 Men’s Wear Collection 2012-2013

 Menswear Spring Summer 2012 Main Collection is Combinations of colours and materials: sailors, playboys and intellectuals all meet up amidst the colours and fragrances of Provence, and allow themselves to be lulled by their memories. Bright, lively, energetic colours invade the fabrics, covering the prints, and blending in with the weaves with sudden bursts of cheerfulness. The silhouettes are slim and impeccable, the sartorial cut of the jackets and outfits is evident; the fabrics are charged with light, monochromatic in the hues of summer fruits or printed in brilliant shades. The contrasting prints on the collars of the shirts feature alongside jackets with precious lapels, with contrasting piping. The sporty jackets are lined with Paisley prints, the coloured pocket handkerchiefs peek out from the pockets. Marine winds call for light shoes, colourful pullovers worn over the shoulders and impalpapble trench coats. The paisley does not play hide and seek, but it shows itself on the jackets and shirts, and embroiders V-neck sweaters. It is pure joie de vivre.source

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