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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gisele Bundchen Sizzles in the Campaign for Her Brazilian Intimates Collection

Gisele Bundchen Sizzles in the Campaign for Her Brazilian Intimates Collection
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen shows off her famous lean curves and gazelle-like legs in a stunning campaign which promoted her new designs featured in her Brazilian Intimates collection. Take a peek at the fab snaps and observe the reasons for which Gisele landed her supermodel status!

The woman that manages to 'make time stand still for a second' every time she appears in public, supermodel Gisele Bundchen managed once again to demonstrate that she's not at all ready to leave the fashion scene to younger models as the 31 year looks sizzling in the campaign snaps for theGisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates Line done in collaboration with Hope. Gisele has managed to conquer the fashion world being named for numerous times including the highest paid model in 2012 with about $45 million in earnings from her enviable career.

With her 'gazelle-like' legs and natural beauty, Gisele, who seems to be able to morph into character at the snap of a finger, poses like a true diva for the camera lens of Nino Munoz, donning several of her sexy lingerie designs that are probably going to conquer the hearts of women around the world as everything Gisele touches seems to 'turn to gold' or better said a 'goldmine'.

For the Brazilian Intimates campaign Gisele Bundchen put on display her mesmerizing, enviable toned bod donning some of the creations that aim to bring to the intimate fashion scene that Brazilian sensuality that every woman wants to exude. The designs that range from babydoll satin-silk briefs/camisole to sexy lace designs and pretty corsets featuring various matching briefs are lingerie pieces that aim to combine luxury with sexiness and elegance, designs suited for different occasions and for women with different body types.

In the sizzling campaign, the 31 year old Brazilian bombshell put on display her new oh-so-fabulous lingerie pieces: Diva, Wish, and Rococó. Versatility is a definite must in the fashion world and the supermodel's lingerie line is surely not lacking diversity, featuring various fabrics, patterns as well as styles, going from sexy to casual. Having modeled numerous lingerie designs, the expecting mother has formed herself an idea about what works and what doesn't, so no wonder that she took on an active role in the design process, until the lingerie line reached perfection.
If you're ready to spice-up your lingerie collection, take a peek at Gisele Bundchen's Brazilian Intimates Collection and pick your favorites!

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