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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jyothsna Chakravarthy in a princely look androgynous ...

Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-1.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-5.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-6.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-9.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-10.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-11.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-7.jpgJyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-8.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-2.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-3.jpg
Jyothsna Chakravarthy--for-Vogue-India-4.jpg
Mannequin: Jyothsna Chakravarthy
Photographer: Diego Fuga
Stylist: Deep Kailey
Magazine: Vogue India (Nov.2011)

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