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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paris - Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld Womenswear 2011 program

Paris - Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld Womenswear 2011 program has been weeks in the autumn of excess here is a sense of impending apocalypse. The Grand Palais show on Monday for Chanel, Lagerfeld was planned several months ago, started with a black stone, gravel and asphalt, surrounded by smoking sets a dark, almost frightening post-punk - a gray suit and The dress was sent to the stream. Earth desert meteor shower made? It was the end of fashion?

For designer John Galliano, cooling and drying in rehab in Arizona, one is sure. Note: news the old artistic director of Christian Dior and Galliano, one drink at a cafe in Paris, when he came to the community of fashion forward, two weeks before next season, "Ready - to - wear, the collection was moved the final fight and argue anti-Semitic claims epitaph He was arrested in France, a crime. his head went into Sydney Toledano, the Jews he stopped the police investigation is underway.

If so deeply in love with Hitler, he was drunk Galliano, slurred similar incident in the cafe of the same video on the internet and word of mouth between your mobile phone, 24 hours later, called Galliano.

Galliano fashion show during the collapse of two designers were not just suffering. Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin said he was recovering from nervous exhaustion, so bright, woven mini-dresses and cropped pants, and here, the suits Grand Hotel Saint-Laurent-style last week's show was to go inactive. "Doctor Orders hosts a collection of designer was not enough.

This lady just before his show comes after a suicide planned years ago, Alexander McQueen. Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs, after a few years back in rehabilitation, you can create a different tour.

Fashion design flood veteran crackups wonder whether the rate of relentless industry - the speed required for executives to meet earnings estimates - not a malicious talent free its own window.

"Fashion is an exciting and fast-forward," said Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley. "So, so many collections, many seasons. Designers a way to keep it?"

Milan-based designer of U.S. Steel agrees with Lawrence. "It's a treadmill," he said, stated in his studio. "You see people like John on the treadmill slowed and fertilizer, flew to -."

It was not always so. Another old, but a dozen or so fashion and home designer, "Morocco, inspiration and re-color palette and some fabric for a plane three weeks to find an idea to use stack management, he said. Today thousands of companies have not. very good program. The beauty of the plant closings there is no room for imperfection .. "

With a bright young talent - - She traded billion was turned into a global luxury brand, changing established tycoons occupied homes over the past 20 years, took place in time. He needed a lot of adrenaline, this house is a collection of shoot Chanel and Lagerfeld in 1983, when it starts fading nyeoneyi taper.

Bernard Arnault of LVMH and Christian Dior and head - the group Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Celine, including more than 50 luxury brands - the night club scene in Love with Bad Boys, Britney - - Galliano properties and said the same plan , catalyst may be. And as we make this story of interest to maintain it can be played for the Mozart Beethoven: Galliano Arnault mid-1990s, met with you, Galliano and The Washington Post said on Arnault's main concern. "? "

Galliano, and then some. Clothes, get his eccentric and exaggerated as UPS's million dollar fashion, cartoons, and headlines to create a household income growth.

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