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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Latest Bridal Wear Dresses by la chantal @ Saba

La Chantal  In twenty first century's fashion world, La Chantal is a new upstart designer company which comes with a short but ground breaking history. This is a UK based company and has been spreading its roots since last few years. The mastermind behind the success of La Chantal is Saba who leads of the company. La Chantal has produced marvelous results and successfully earned its name in the ma...rket as it held the fashion shows "rhythm of Asia 2010" and "montage" in November 2010. La Chantal always comes with the overwhelming and magnificent designs that leave a reminiscences impression on the audience.  La Chantal's latest collection includes Bridal and Exclusive Party Wears. Saba’s strong inspiration from the rich eastern color palette clearly reflects in her latest work. All bridal dresses carry pulchritude embellishment on it that is sensibly inscribed in a conspicuous way. In eastern culture Bridal dress is taken as a serious matter as it serves an important part of women's life. This is clearly registered in the first look and also states La Chantal's broad vision.
 This year La Chantal introduces five new Bridal dresses with new color selection and fascinating designs. Mostly dresses carry silver and golden embroidery designs on them. The eminent feature of this design is that they cover most of the space on the cloth but do not reflect gaudy feeling to viewer’s eye. This thing can be clearly observed in Aurum Green bridal dress a challenging color that was skillfully designed and given a quality finish by adding white underneath. Along with this comes the Silver Silhouette with grandiloquent silver embroidery.source

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