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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Casual Sarees | Casual Indian Sarees | Indian Casual Sarees | Simple Sarees Fashion

Saree dress is traditional and identity of Indian women. It is quite fair and justifiable if we say that saree is the cultural and Casual dress of India. Indian people love this attire and this has been used widely in occasions, parties and casually. Although casual saree dress has some unique measurements and outfit, but designers have made various changes according to the use of sarees. They developed beautiful designs, patterns and nourished accordingly. Saree dress manufacturing and designing now has become a wonderful business in India. Lots of brands have been pushed to the market by various intellectual designers and manufacturers. Along with that, online selling also has set up a new market and competition. There are number of designers who have already launched their saree brands and got wonderful success in the market. In Indian fashion industry people are crazy about brands, and they prefer high class and famous brands. Laxmipati Sarees is a well known brand of saree dresses based in India. They have number of branches in India and also have an online store to sell their product outside the India. 

Indian Casual Sarees
There is no need to go in depth of Laxmipati Sarees because everyone who have some knowledge about dress designing and have craze of fashion, he/she definitely know about Laxmipati. Laxmipati Sarees is dealing in almost all types of sarees used on various occasions like, bridal sarees, bridal party wear sarees, party wear sarees and casual sarees. Laxmipati knows very well about the demands and likeness of their customers and they have made their products accordingly. Today we have broughtLaxmipati Casual Saree Collection of 2012 on the board. Hope you will like all the designs and patterns. Below we have a complete catalogue of this Laxmipati Sarees Casual Collection of 2012.

Indian Casual Wear Sarees

Indian Traditional Casual Saree

Casual Printed Sarees

Casual Indian Sarees

Indian Sarees for Casual Wear

Traditional Indian Saree

Laxmipati Casual Sarees

Indian Sarees 2013

Indian Political Sarees

Casual Wear Sarees

Sarees for Mature Age

Laxmipati Saree

Traditional Indian Saree

Casual Printed Saree

Chiffon Printed Sarees

Simple Saree Fashion

Simple Saree Dresses

Casual Simple Saree
In this casual collection designers of Laxmipati have include all types of saree patterns. Design and color scheme they have used is also awesome and more attractive according to the winter season. This winter season they have put some single and double color plain fabric casual sarees to give a new trend to the market. Printed designs are looking awesome with the best combination of colors. To have a complete collection please scrolls down the page. 
Courtesy: she9 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Black white and beautiful saree

black white and beautiful saree
The red stone accent on the blouse looks absolutely great. I also agree with the choice of black and white earrings (and not the red ones); accents look great only if they are just accents!

Black saree with asymmetric sleeves design

The blouse design really caught my eye; I appreciate the asymmetry of the border on the blouse. I think it looks really elegant and sophisticated. But then I saw that the sleeves of this blouse are also asymmetric, meaning that only one side has 3/4th sleeve and other part is sleeveless. I am not sure if that would really look good or not.
Asymmetry looks great when it just a tad asymmetric; it invites the mind to see the symmetry and then appreciate the design that the asymmetry creates. But when the asymmetry is large, it is not just distracting, but actually annoying.

Ujjawala Raut black & white saree, bikini top asymmetric blouse

Ujjawala is one of my favorite models. I say this with the utmost admiration that she lets the clothes be the center piece and doesn’t over power the picture she is in, unless she is called upon to do so.
I love this black and white saree, tight fitting black bikini top and loose fitting white/silver blouse covering it all. Absolutely remarkable.

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