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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Summer 2012 Bridal Makeup | Summer 2012 Wedding Makeup | Pakistani Bridal makeup | Party Makeup | 2011 Bridal Makeup

The new spring/summer 2011 bridal makeup trends are all about looking natural and polished so for those brides who like the natural look for the 2011 Spring/Summer season was great skin, showing both matte and almost shimmering effects.  Often skin was very luminous and dewy but still very polished. There is nothing I hate more than overly shimmery skin on the face but this season’s shimmer is subtle and soft, almost glowing. I like it a lot! It makes your skin glow from within.
Eyeshadows for spring and summer are warm and soft, with colours such as soft ivory or cream matched with soft pinks and corals and light greys.  The soft colours seem to be placed just above the eyelash for a modern look which really adds sophistication to any bride. Eyeliners this season make a big comeback! Matching the softness of the season’s eyeshadows, eyeliners brings that extra bit of drama to the eye. Just a little bit of detail that makes the difference from a little bit of makeup to a polished natural makeup look.

Spring/Summer lips are soft with beautiful colours such as corals, soft reds and nudes. A little bit of glimmer to the lips has been shown on the bridal runway for spring/summer 2011 and is a perfect finish to a natural, soft makeup look.

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