Indian Saree Blouse Designs

To make the Indian saree look all the more beautiful and elegant, the sari blouse plays a vital role. The whole look of the saree is completed with a matching blouse and accessories. The Indian saree blouses have undergone many changes. Whether it is the fabric or the sleeve pattern or the back or neck pattern, the designs have undergone lot many changes and in many cases, it is the blouse that becomes the focal point of the dress instead of the saree.

It is to be noted that Indian women gives lot many importance to the look of the blouse because it is the saree blouse which shapes the overall look of the complete ensemble. Changes in the fashion world have brought about a vast change in the styles of the Indian blouses. While the regular blouse pattern is a common simple and sober style with sleeves and buttoned U or V-neckline, there are bolder designs as well which add a glamorous and trendy look. Young girls dare to wear the bold designs available in the market. Indian women pair their beautiful sarees with equally gorgeous saree blouses to look more beautiful and attractive.

The market is flooded with ready made blouses which you can match up with your saree. But many prefer to wear the custom stitched blouse, where the wearer gives her own design pattern. The custom stitched blouse also has the advantage of making a replica blouse of designer blouses which otherwise can be very expensive.

Now for the styles and designs. Well the choice is just endless. Halter styles, full sleeves, butterfly sleeves, choli back, bikini blouse, noodle strap blouse, tie back design, one shoulder blouse, or simple patterns, you name it and it is available. Designers are also experimenting with fabric materials. Usually the saree blouse material should match with the saree material. So with a silk saree a silk blouse would look good. But you can also go for mix and match materials. In this case net blouses look good. Similarly there are embroidered blouses, beaded blouses, blouses with mirror work, blouses with sequins woks, printed blouses, solid color blouse and many more.

All styles of Indian saree blouse have an appealing look. The traditional styles are all time favorite but yes, the young fashionable ladies make a style statement with the extremely bold designs. There are bollywood designs as well where the heroines are wearing the saree blouses in different cuts and chick patterns.

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