Latest Saree Blouse Designs

Saree Blouse DesignAn Indian woman knows it very well that blouse can make or mar the looks of a gorgeous saree. As such, they are more than simply cautious about their blouse style. While in the past, low cut midriff baring blouses were the only blouse patterns, in the recent times, designer saree blouse is the hottest fashion trend among the Indian women. Now these designer saree blouse patterns are made according to the individual needs of a woman as per her body type and other considerations. The latest saree blouse designs have amazing neck patterns and stylish back neck designs and these have been made popular by the top fashion designers of Indian Women. These fashion blouses have various types of neck designs and are decorated with a host of various trims including stones, aari work, sequins, beads, crystals, embroidery etc.

Hot Designer Saree Blouse Patterns

Here are some latest saree blouse design patterns, with neck and back styles of blouses. Buy these fashion blouses readymade from shops and boutiques or get them stitched from your local tailor- they are amazingly expert in copying any kind of designs just by looking at the pictures.

Choli Blouse Design

Earlier, choli blouse were worn only with lehenga but with changing fashion trends, the choli blose pattern has undergone tremendous change and is considered a best replacement of regular saree blouse. Choli blouse style can give a sensuous look to even a regular or simple saree. The latest choli blouse designs have the actual designs on the back, with elaborate backs, blouses having low cuts, strappy strings, bejeweled strings, which can also be quite revealing and sexy. To wear the new-age sexy choli, the young girls need to have a well-toned body with the back superbly exfoliated. It is evident that today, the modern, young women of India woman is a far cry from the women of 60s and 70s. Being cool is her attitude, and fashion-wise, the choli blouse has shrunk just right to adapt to their multi-tasking lives.
Choli Style Blouse
Choli Blouse Style

Bikini Blouse Design

Bikini blouses have become very popular in recent years, expecially due to the influence of the bollywood actresses who are seen wearing these blouses in their movies as well as in functions, events and parties. Bikini blouse which looks more like a bikini top has given an entirely new dimension to the traditional look of the Indian saree blouse. These blouses look good with saris, giving a very bold, sensuous appearance. For a very hot and sexy look, along with an ethnic touch, bikini blouses are a hot favourite among the young fashion conscious ladies. It is a trend that only a few with a great body can carry off well. So it is like, "if your have it, flaunt it".
Bikini Blouse
Bikini blouse Design

Halter Neck Blouse Pattern

Another latest saree blouse design is the haler neck blouses. Halter dresses are in vogue all over the world. So, how can the blouses of Indian sarees remain untouched from their influence? Tie it up or get it stitched- experiment with neck designs to flaunt your neck and back. In fact, a halter neck blouse design has many variations- the classic halter neck that is made popular by the Bollywood actresses, the 'V' halter neck that gives a shape of V to the straps around the neck. Be innovative and use your saree's border for the 'V' shape or you can even use sequined trims, zari or laces for the purpose. There are still others- the crossed halter neck is also very attractive. However, go for it only if you have a long slender neck otherwise it can give you an awkward look.
Halter Neck Blouse
Halter Neck Saree Blouse

Stringed Back Blouse Style

The latest saree blouse design is also the stringed back blouse style. A saree blouse with strings in different patterns sure give a sexy look to the wearer. No buttons or zips, just tie ups for a great style statement. This type of blouse design can have long straps that are tied in a knot at the lower back. You can have straight strings side to side tied at the middle- these can be all over the back of blouse or just single or two-three strings at the blouse bottom or top- whatever you think will make your back more attractive. You can even get them crossed strings. And if you don't want the hassle of tying them up every time, have the opening of your blouse in the front instead of the back or get the ends of strings stitched having the look of tie up. Let your imagination fly to get a unique stringed back blouse.
Stringed Back Blouse
Stringed Back Saree Blouse

Off Shoulders Blouse Style

Want to get some more sexier looks? One of the popular saree blouse designs for the bold and beautiful look is off shoulder blouse. Boat neck off-the-shoulder look is the most common and also the most popular. However, sweetheart neck off-the-shoulder look is also liked by many where the sleeves are attached separately as if it is a band stitched to the blouse. Again use the border of the saree or any other kinds of trim. A single shoulder style blouse can also do if you feel uncomfortable in both shoulders off. This style of blouse will have just one shoulder strap or sleeve and will leave the other shoulder bare. You can make it a high waisted bustier type or can have a simple design with front buttoning.
Off Shoulders Blouse
Off Shoulder Blouse

Backless Blouse

The ultimate design of a blouse- bringing out your feminine charm the most! You'll sure look hot in it! These are the latest fashion blouses. Leave the back bare with a little slender tie up- a very thin strip at back will make the outfit more sexier than described. However, it depends on you how much of your back you are ready to bare. This type of back looks most attractive in choli designs that are worn with lehengas. Just make sure that the single string is tied securely at the back to avoid any wardrobe malfunction! The blouse back neck designs can be made more stylish as per individual tastes and preference.
Backless Blouse
Designer Saree Blouse Backless

Spaghetti Strap Blouse

For a bold and daring woman, a fashion blouse with spaghetti straps will also do wonders. Get noodle thin straps or just flat strings. And if you want to be some more unconventional, get some sequined or even jeweled straps. You can use anything- pearls, beads or stones to make the straps of your blouse- your choice, of course based on the saree, its fabric and the occasion when you will wear it.
Spaghetti Strap Blouse
Spaghetti Strap Blouse

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