Saturday, 30 June 2012

5 Tips For Dressing Sexy (Courtesy of Rio Fashion Week!)

    Erin from Single-ish here! I just flew down to Brazil for Fashion Rio, the fashion week in Rio de Janeiro, and I thought I'd crash STF in order to share with you some sexy looks I saw on my trip.  The city of Rio has a really sexy vibe. So what is it about it that's so...sizzling (other than the 100-degree temperatures)? Here are five tips I picked up for dressing like a carioca (sexy person) from Rio!:
    1. Wear bright, eye-catching colors. Everyone on the planet will notice you. (Also, love the tan!)
    2. Elongate your legs with super tall stilettos. In heels, your stride will look longer. Also, your gams will get extra mileage if you wear shoes that show the tops of your feet (check out the hot numbers seen at the Espaco Fashion show).
    3. Wear a belt. Even if you’re sporting a big trench coat—as seen at Mara Mac—belt it! Men like a nipped-in waist. If you wear a big silhouette, they can’t tell if you have a figure or not (and for some reason, this is one time they don’t like to use their imagination).

    4. Show a little (or a lot of) skin!
    Spotted at the Filhas de Gaia show: mini skirts and plunging necklines. Of course a man’s gaze is always drawn to exposed skin, so why not show some leg or go all Blake Lively with the cleave?
    5. Look thinner instantly in a color block dress with a different color on the sides. One of the greatest tricks ever—seen at Acquastudio, Filhas de Gaia, and Mara Mac—is to create the illusion that you’re slimmer than you are. Some cycling shirts have this pattern, but now we’re seeing it on the runway—and hopefully more in stores soon.
    What do you think of these Rio designers? Which style trick is your favorite? How 'bout those outfits--which of them would you wear?

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