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Friday, 7 September 2012

How to wear Saree Indian Style to look Slim?

How to wear Saree Indian Style to look Slim?
Saree draping Styles, Indian Saree
Saree is an Indian clothing for women, A saree is a single peice of cloth with a size of 5.5 meters to 10 meters. Saree looks very beautiful on women irrespective of age and color. Saree can be worn in 200+ different Styles with different draping styles.
Saree looks tremendous on women with jewellery, earings, bangles, chappals. Every women doesn’t look good in Saree as many women with different shapes and size need the designs which looks good on them.
Blouse and Petticoat are the inner clothing before wearing a saree.
Tips & Steps for draping a Saree to look beautiful & Slim : -
1) Take the Upper end of the saree with one hand around your waist till feet on your back-side to leave the free pallu side on other end
2) Tuck the top border of inner of the Saree in to the petticoat in such a way so that the Saree may fall up to the floor level.
3) Drape the Saree around the front keeping it on same height.
4) Tuck the little top edge of the Saree into the petticoat keeping on same height.
5) Make the fold of few straight plates from the right side and tuck it into the petticoat so that the bottom edge of the Saree should touch the floor level.
6) Bring around the other end of the Saree in your both hand and keep pallu put on left side shoulder allowing the pallu fall on your back.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

5 Marvelous Tips: How to Pick Sexy Lingerie

It's quite easy to choose sexy lingerie and not to look cheap. You just have to follow our tips.Silhouette, fabric and color of the brasserie and girdle are chosen according to the figure. Here you would find the tips how to be feminine, glamorous and enticing or how to pick cool and sexy lingerie.

Follow these 5 tips and enjoy your lingerie, jazz up your relations with your significant other and admire beautiful and exclusive things.

1. How to choose the shape of the bra?
The shape of the bar depends upon the neckline of your dress.
You want sexy and low-cut rounded neck? Choose the bra with cups resembling fruit basket. For example, a balconette underwired bra - it most open decolette. This brasserie is perfect for sheath dresses and tops - your breast looks naturally curvy and the bra fits any dress perfectly.
If your dress has a plunging neckline, select a bra with low decolette. Cups cut it a half-moon shape open the upper part of your breast making a very sexy effect. This bra perfectly fits a low squared decolette.

When choosing a ‘bold' low-cut neckline, put on push-up bras and look like femme fatale. This sexy bra is very practical and makes it possible to wear open dresses. If you want to visually enlarge your breast, select a double-padded bra, in which the breasts are lifted and placed closer together to enhance the cleavage.

And, finally, if you are going to move heaven and earth and to try a dress with a plunging neckline, pick the most revealing bra. Owing to rounded cups and low decolette line, this bra would make a slashing effect. Cups would make your breasts look closer to each other, it would look very sexy.

2. What fabric should be selected for sexy lingerie?
Lace, embroidery, tulle, satin, organza... There is a wide variety of fabric available for sexylingerie. How to make the right choice? Everything depends upon your taste and the effect you'd like to achieve. Lace-decorated satin looks very sexy. Tulle lingerie with embroidery is not only sexy but has a retro flair.

Type of fabric should be selected with care; you should keep you figure in mind. Satin visually adds pounds. There is nothing more feminine and delicates as lace or intricate embroidery.
Then to achieve the desired effect you have to pick a right model which would add you beauty and charm. Don't be afraid to combine different fabrics. Say, what a wonderful set of lacy bra and string with several small satin inlays.

3. Girdle - an essential detail of sexy lingerie
A symbol of sexuality, the girdle, is not mandatory nowadays. But if you like it, wear it to finish the look. The color of your girdle must match the color of your panties. Trimming with embroidery or bows is crucial. Try to combine different fabrics, for example, satin and tulle. To avoid embarrassing situations, be sure that straps are not seen when you sit.
But if you don't like girdles but opt to wear a skin-tight skirt and to show your silken ankles, pick the so called stay-ups. They are not so revealing but very provocative and at the same time easy to wear.

4. Sexy lingerie fits any figure
It often occurs that a girl who dislikes her figure puts her sexy lingerie out of sight to the drawer. But alluring lingerie, if properly chosen, fits any figure.
If you have shapely breasts, slender waist and well-rounded buns, low-cut bra with boyshirts would fit perfectly. Shirts visibly reduce volume. Choose black or dark violet color.
If you are plump, don't be afraid of wearing lacy balconette. To achieve the desired effect, pick a chic top. Together with loose boyshirts this bra would look very seductive. But if you want to put on a clinging dress and hide your tummy, then choose a form-fitting bustier, a corset reaching the waist. Well tight it will subtly emphasize your waist and mask everything you want to hide.
If you are slender and petite, try a push-up bra and string. Then you may put on a smart low-necked dress and shoot everyone dead.

5. What color to choose?The most fascinating lingerie colors are black and red. Black is more versatile: it fits everything perfectly.
Dark violet, chocolate, dark blue - these are popular choices in sexy lingerie. White color can not make your look less sensual but adds a bit of chastity to it. Remember: to look sexy, you have to perfectly match top with bottom. Pink strings completely disagrees with blue brasserie. But all the while you may choose accessories of different color - stockings, ornaments, feathers. Everything is perfect for you sexual image.
Sensuality is always beautiful.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Attractive Lips

Beauty Tips
Who does not love makeup? But many people deal with the problems to how to utilize make-up or they do not know what colours go well with them or how to emphasize their functions. There is make-up and make-up methods for every part of your deal with and mouth are one of them. If you do your lip make-up effectively you look clothed all of a rapid. It gives life to your deal with even if you do not use make-up on the relax of the components. There is a way to do your mouth it is not just about placing a lip stick or a glow on. From color to strategy everything issues while doing your lip make-up.
The first phase is to appearance your mouth that we often neglect while doing our make-up in a rush. Using a lip lining does well in a lot of ways. It helps to protect your lip stick from feathering and identifies your mouth completely. Use a lip lining by following the normal appearance of your mouth. Deciding on the best lip lining color is also very important. Go for a color which is just like your lip stick or a fairly neutral and smooth color that suits the skin. To make your mouth look plumper and larger smear the lip lining instead of illustrating a hardline from the lip lining.
For the best put there are unique that can be done. If you want a frothy impact for your mouth then utilize a lip cream before implementing lip stick. This will also be great for your lip care. If you want to give a flat impact to your mouth then utilize a lip stick and then mark is with a cells newspaper. If you want shiny mouth then utilize many levels of glow and glow on your lip stick because it will improve the amount.
There are so many items for lip care and lip make-up such as lip items, lipsticks, glosses, lip ships. Adhere to these methods in order to get the best pout and attractive mouth.

Shine Measures
Digital, transportable gloss meters GT60 and GTS tri-angle gloss meters

Thursday, 22 December 2011


                                                                    Girl   Hont 

Steal the Sexy Hair and Makeup Look From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Steal the Sexy Hair and Makeup Look From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I recently lived every guy’s dream (well, at least the guys in my life): I went backstage at Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show. I didn’t see the supermodels strut their stuff in sexy lingerie (or Miranda Kerr in the $2 million bra for that matter), but I watched in awe as they got primped before the show in silky pink robes by a team of 21 makeup artists and 19 hairstylists. I chatted with Lauren Cosenza, Victoria’s Secret beauty expert and Orlando Pita, lead hairstylist, about the look created for the show.

(Supermodels Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel get their hair and makeup done before walking the runway.)

“The inspiration for the show is transforming supermodels into angels,” says Cosenza, who explained that this year’s look was all about enhancing the models’ natural beauty and featuring the eyes. To make the models’ eyes really stand out, Cosenza says the models wore coats of Triple Drama Mascara, which has a thickening and volumizing formula. To achieve such full lashes, Cosenza suggests wiggling the mascara brush back and forth to get all the angles and “keep amping them up until you’re happy.”

The models also wore liquid liner, in medium thickness, to emphasize the shape of their eyes without looking overly dramatic. “They’re angels, it gives strength to the face,” says Cosenza. “It’s a powerful but simple eye.”

(The makeup artists used these products to get the models runway-ready.)

When it comes to skin, the look was flawless — not that the supermodels need any help in that area! In addition to using Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, Cosenza says the makeup artists used a loose gold pigment eye shadow as a highlighter on the brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, temples, and tops of cheekbones. They also used Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder on the temples of the cheeks and cheekbones and Mineral Blush Duo on the cheeks. Cosenza even demonstrated the bronzer and blush on me, and I have to say, it looked great!

(Lauren Cosenza applied the same bronzer and blush
that the models wore during the fashion show on me.)

This year, the models showed off soft lips. Cosenza says the makeup artists started by patting PRO Smooth FX Lip Scrub and Balm onto lips to create a supple canvas. Then, they applied Whisper, a pale pink shimmer lipstick, to all of the girls. This was topped with Sublime, a sheer coral gloss, for added shine and fullness.

On their bodies, the models radiated with Victoria’s Secret Angel Fragrance Lotion, Beach Sexy Instant Bronze Body Spray, and Bronze Shimmer Body Powder, which was applied on their shoulders, collarbones, and front of their legs.

The models’ hair looked effortlessly tousled for the fashion show. Cosenza says the hairstylists created glamorous waves by using So Sexy Style Clean and Go Dry Shampoo for texture and volume and Brilliant and Glossy Shine Mist for lots of shine. Pita described the hair as glamorous bedhead. He blow-dried models’ hair, added an extension if needed, and curled with a one-and-a-half inch curling iron. Then, he brushed the hair out and tussled it with his hands to make it a little undone.

Want to look like one of the angels? In addition to trying out the hair and makeup look from the fashion show, you can also get a runway-ready body right at home. Watch this video featuring model Doutzen Kroes as she demonstrates easy workouts to get her arms toned for the fashion show:

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

5 Tips For Dressing Sexy (Courtesy of Rio Fashion Week!)

    Erin from Single-ish here! I just flew down to Brazil for Fashion Rio, the fashion week in Rio de Janeiro, and I thought I'd crash STF in order to share with you some sexy looks I saw on my trip.  The city of Rio has a really sexy vibe. So what is it about it that's so...sizzling (other than the 100-degree temperatures)? Here are five tips I picked up for dressing like a carioca (sexy person) from Rio!:
    1. Wear bright, eye-catching colors. Everyone on the planet will notice you. (Also, love the tan!)
    2. Elongate your legs with super tall stilettos. In heels, your stride will look longer. Also, your gams will get extra mileage if you wear shoes that show the tops of your feet (check out the hot numbers seen at the Espaco Fashion show).
    3. Wear a belt. Even if you’re sporting a big trench coat—as seen at Mara Mac—belt it! Men like a nipped-in waist. If you wear a big silhouette, they can’t tell if you have a figure or not (and for some reason, this is one time they don’t like to use their imagination).

    4. Show a little (or a lot of) skin!
    Spotted at the Filhas de Gaia show: mini skirts and plunging necklines. Of course a man’s gaze is always drawn to exposed skin, so why not show some leg or go all Blake Lively with the cleave?
    5. Look thinner instantly in a color block dress with a different color on the sides. One of the greatest tricks ever—seen at Acquastudio, Filhas de Gaia, and Mara Mac—is to create the illusion that you’re slimmer than you are. Some cycling shirts have this pattern, but now we’re seeing it on the runway—and hopefully more in stores soon.
    What do you think of these Rio designers? Which style trick is your favorite? How 'bout those outfits--which of them would you wear?

    How to Craft a No-Sew Indian Princess Dress Costume

    How to Craft a No-Sew Indian Princess Dress Costume
    Courtney walks you through the process of creating a no-sew Indian dress for your Halloween costume. Find the free how-to sheet for this video and ideas for more no-sew fleece projects at:
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

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