Couture Fall 2012: Chanel

I was waiting for this collection and I'm super disappointed. I know, it's Chanel and it's beautiful but all I saw was Tweed. Don't get me wrong Tweed is gorgeous but um in small doses. This was just complete overkill. As Karl Lagerfeld, the designer for Chanel said, "These clothes are for a world of privileged people," he said, with a hint of resignation (surely not scorn)" ( Maybe for privileged retired people?! I could see little old ladies wearing this collection at high tea or an auction. Once revered for it's trendy designs and fashion forward thinking, this collection makes it seem like the youthful look that was presented before are a thing of the past.

The youthful look has been replaced  1940's tweed suits that are over sized and in colours like pink, grey and black. Mr. Lagerfeld wanted to pay homage to the classic Chanel woman. He changed it up by adding big bows, boleros, toule and using brighter colours.There were a few fitted suits and some light fabric pants and blouses that were very pretty. However there were some why designs like Tweed palazzo pants? Over sized jackets and dresses that didn't even flatter the model. Number one rule of fashion: if it doesn't fit you, don't wear it!Now I must admit there were some beautiful pieces like the pink bolero with the capped shoes, the winter coats, blouses and pants in beautiful fabrics but, nothing to dream about.

Do you guys remember the Paris Bombay collection? It was spectacular! Of course it was also very Chanel with the tweed, the white and black and very simple silhouettes yet it still had a very new, fresh look.  I still watch the show over and over again. It was just breath taking. Even the set was fabulous! I'm not being biased because of the Desi touch it had in it but, the colours, the fabrics, the embroidery and the imagination, creativity and the feeling that the collection exuded was! I hope this "New Vintage" isn't here for too long.

Chanel Fall 2012 Couture Collection  

 Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Paris Bombay Collection 


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