Spring 2013: Vera Wang

Yet another amazing designer has decided to use India as their muse once again however this time, it's not the typical style that the fashion world associates India with. It's not the typical ladies' fashion but instead, the focus and inspiration is on traditional Men's fashion. Vera states, "The collection is out of India, but India is just the starting point," Wang said. "There is no belly dancing, there are no sarongs, there are no saris. It is about the sort of discipline about Indian men`s clothes like Nehru, against the mystery and sensuality of Indian women - but not literally." (Zeenews.com) The collection is full of the traditional designs incorporating the "Nehru collar," short jackets, cotton tunics, gold embroidery in beautiful jewel tones. The reference to India is very subtle but in the majority of the designs, patterns, colour choices and embroidery it's quite apparent. 

In true Vera Wang style, the collection is still very feminine. Chantilly lace with delicate beading and I love the flowing skirts. There's still a touch of her genius when it comes to designing Bridal gowns because of the materials and cuts she uses in the outfits. All in all, this collection is a treat! To see more, check out more here at Your Love Story's Facebook page! Have a beautiful day! 

Source: Style.com

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